Parc Asterix

In a continued effort to expose Chloe and Sophie to as much French culture (both popular and otherwise) as possible, we took the girls to the epitome of French amusement parks, Parc Asterix, today.  We made a concerted effort to stay away from the amusement park that shall remain nameless, because when in Rome…or more accurately as far as the comic strip on which the park is based goes, when in Gaul, do as the Gauls do.


Based on the very popular Asterix comic strip series about a clumsy band of Gallic warriors in constant battle against their Roman conquerors, the amusement park is extremely popular here.  It’s similar to a Six Flags park back in the States, and boasts some pretty cool roller coasters.  Sophie even joined us on her inaugural big girl roller coaster rides and loved them so much she went on one of them three times.

The weather was overcast and cool, which worked out perfectly for us because the park was empty.  We rarely had to wait on line for more than a few minutes.P1010949

Chloe dragged Papa on the more advanced coaster runs, including a wooden ride that’s considered one of the best in the world and a steel coaster that has lots of loops (see the photos below).  Chloe loved them, of course.  Papa not so much!


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