Then and Now

The last time we visited Paris was during Christmas 2006.  Sophie was 15 months old, and still babbling and wobbly on her feet.  The photo below was taken at the Place des Vosges during her first trip to France.


Flash forward 4 1/2 years later.  The slide is a little more sophisticated now, just like Sophie.  Who’s almost six, a non-stop talker (when she’s not playing coy) and very light on her feet.



Before our stroll down memory lane, we had another family visit with my husband’s aunt and uncle, who live in Melun.  My sister-in-law joined us for lunch along with two of her sons, including her youngest, who’s Chloe’s age.  Chloe is having a sleepover there tonight, which will allow us to have a special day with Sophie tomorrow.

It’s hard to believe that only a few days remain before we fly back to the States.  What a trip it’s been.   I’ve warned my husband that I still need some alone time to shop and wander.  Don’t get me wrong, rediscovering France with the girls has been absolutely fantastic.  But enjoying the city streets at a leisurely pace has eluded us.  I need to do that at least once before we leave…

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