Un Dejeuner sur l’Herbe and a Boat Ride on the Lake

Today was a designated official day of rest.  After a few days of mountain driving, it was time to enjoy a day in Annecy.  We slept in, bought lots of fruit at the market and packed a picnic lunch.  We enjoyed a dejeuner sur l’herbe on the lakefront, similar to Manet’s painting, except we were all clothed.


We then took a boat ride around the lake, something I had never done even when I was living here.  The views of the shore were just magnificent.  Our future home is pictured below.


Of course, it’s not a proper French summer day unless you relax in a cafe, eat ice cream and go shopping.  At an old fashioned candy and cookie store where the presentation is just so impeccably French that you feel as though you’re on a movie set.  How I love it here!


One thought on “Un Dejeuner sur l’Herbe and a Boat Ride on the Lake”

  1. oooh – we’ll move in next door! looks like a storybook. And everyone looks so relaxed and happy.

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