All It Takes Is One Idea

Chloe and I are watching “The Social Network.”  And I can’t help but think that all it takes is one good idea, single-minded focus and an enormous amount of hubris to create something great.

I wonder if I’m too old to have that one good idea.  That may be the case.  However, Chloe has lots of good ideas.  And she’s already started to make money off of those ideas (cue those duct tape pen toppers, wallets and coupon holders).  I certainly wouldn’t want her to be inspired by the behavior of the fictionalized Mark Zuckerberg in the film, but hell, if she’s inspired by the ideas and the creation and the success, then I’ll live vicariously through her.

Maybe I’m not too old to have that one great idea.  I do have a couple of germs growing, I just need to nurture them.  And I need the time to nurture them.  One day…one day…

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