Hanging with Chloe

I arrived in Ithaca last evening, after a drive that, but for the horrible car crash on Route 81 near Scranton, would have been uneventful.  Chloe was very excited to see me.  She would never admit it, of course, except grudgingly, but the smile on her face when she ran, literally ran, out of my aunt and uncle’s front door, said it all.

Of course, not 24 hours later, she was berating me for not listening to her.  But she got over it quickly, and now everything is copacetic again.  She made me a lanyard bracelet and is thinking of adding those to her product line.

Her time in Ithaca ends tomorrow, after a couple of great weeks with her aunt and uncle (and Sophie and Grammy as well) and at camp at Cornell.  She’ll have a week of stay-at-home calm; her first since school ended.  Not quite sure how she’s going to spend her time, but that’s her problem.  She’ll arrange to see a couple of friends and perhaps build up her inventory of duct tape creations for my hair salon – they’ve offered to serve as the exclusive retail outlet for her crafts.

I’m telling you, Chloe and Sophie are having one of the most amazing summers ever.  Simple as that.  Thanks to Grammy, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Brian for helping to make it possible.

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