It’s Quiet Again

It’s quiet at home again.  Mom took the girls to Cape May for the week (I still can’t get over the amazing summer they’re having), and so it’s just my husband and me in a quiet, quiet house.  We didn’t even bother going to the supermarket over the weekend because it’s just us.  And we’ll go out for dinner a couple of times.  Sweet.

Even though it’s Monday and the start of the work week, we slept in a little bit this morning.  No reason to get up at 6:30 AM if there’s no one to wake you at 6:30 AM.  And the advantage of having jobs that are local is that you can sleep in on a Monday when your kids are away.  A perk that’s often forgotten with hustling and bustling kids running around, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the wee morning hours.

When I called my mom to find out how the car ride was, Chloe grabbed my mom’s phone with an important announcement.  “Mom! Mom!  You’ll never guess!  There’s a gumball machine that only costs a penny a gumball!  It’s awesome!”  Yes – she was talking in exclamation points.  You’d have thought she’d have passed Lady Gaga in the street, she was so excited.  It’s so friggin’ easy to make kids happy.  I love being a mom.  I especially love being a mom who has a mom who takes her grandkids on vacation.


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