One Work Day Down, Four More to Go

This is how I’ve been functioning over the last several months.  I live for the weekends.  I know – everyone lives for the weekends.  But lately, when Monday morning arrives I think about the number of hours until Monday evening.  When Tuesday arrives, I do the same.  When Wednesday comes I start thinking – ok, only a couple of more days to go until I can wind down and relax.

This countdown is a relatively recent development for me.  I never used to get through my days this way. In some ways, time seems to pass more quickly, but in other ways, not so much.  I suppose I’m like the majority of people out there, though – a huge club of disaffected working folk.  I love my colleagues, don’t get me wrong.  They’re great.  But work is work, and I miss my GIRLS!

Listen, I’d never be so bold to ask for a job where I’m counting down the weekends until Monday – that’d be too extreme.  But it would certainly be neat to have a job where work is something I’m passionate about.  I’ve never really had a job like that and it’d be nice to experience it at least once before I retire.  And considering the increasing number of bozos in Washington, by the time I’m ready to retire, I likely won’t be able to retire.  On the bright, cup half-full side, however, that means that I still have a lot of years to try to get that experience under my belt.


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