The Girls Are Back in Town

Chloe and Sophie arrived home yesterday and if I hadn’t known that they were in Cape May for the week, I would have thought that they had spent their days on a desert island in the South Pacific, they came home so tan.  Really, really tan.

Chloe came home much more talkative than usual – hard to believe that’s even possible.  I told her that I would record her one day so that she can experience her loquaciousness herself.  On and on and on.  Today’s main topic of conversation:  she’d like to relocate the armoire in her bedroom somewhere else in order to add yet more bookshelves.  She did consent to a nice big hug last evening and it only took a little bit of convincing this time around.  Chloe must have really missed me.

Sophie came home as cuddly as ever.  And fixated on adding gift ideas to her Amazon wishlist so that folks know what to buy her for her 6th birthday next month.  Sophie also came home with an extremely loose bottom tooth thanks to an unintentional bite into a cherry pit.  The tooth fairy is going to need pay her a visit sooner than planned.

In all other ways, the girls are the same as they’ve always been.  And that’s incredibly reassuring.

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