Things to Keep Me Up at Night

We had a work outing this evening, and my young co-workers started to list all of the crazy things they did in high school and college (which wasn’t so long ago for them).  Which got me thinking.  About all the things I’m going to worry about as Chloe and Sophie hit the terrible teens.  I don’t think I’m going to get a good night’s sleep for the next 15 years.  Here’s a preliminary list of the top two:

(1) Drunken Safaris.  Go to the local Six Flags amusement park, which has a drive-thru safari.  Hide your beer in iced tea bottles and get drunk while watching the safari animals approach the car you and your drunken friends are riding in.  There is apparently a designated driver for this activity.  So relieved to hear that.

(2) Pre-Gaming.  Get drunk at home before going bar hopping, so you don’t spend too much money in the bars. I don’t know if that’s idiotic or simply financially savvy during these down economic times.

Is there a way to stop the clock so the girls remain at their current ages forever?  That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  I’m starting to sympathize with the witch who kidnapped Rapunzel and kept her cloistered for all those years.


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