We Survived the Hurricane

We’ve been up since 4 am bailing water out of our basement, but given some of the flooding and other damage around here, I consider us lucky.  We didn’t lose power and our sump pump was working, so I can only imagine what a disaster we would have had on our hands if either or both had decided to crap out on us, as they’ve done in the past.  I’m glad it’s over.  The wind wasn’t nearly as bad as we had feared, but the rain just wouldn’t stop.  I think we had about 9 inches of it.

The water seeped into the basement in all of the usual places, but then it also found new paths, including the new playroom, which is why we spent so much time down there mopping and using not just our wet-vac but our friend’s too.  My husband made an ill-advised but fortuitous run to Home Depot at around noon and came home with new filters for the machines, which were no longer functioning properly.  Without the wet-vacs, our basement would have quickly turned into the River Styx.

Chloe was a huge help today, spending a significant amount of time with us in the basement, getting soaked as she scooped up gallons upon gallons of water.  Sophie watched a lot of TV (it’s such a convenient babysitter) and had a well-earned pajama day.  The tooth fairy made it through the storm and left her an extra dollar, which made Sophie very, very happy.


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