We’re Canceling Cable TV!

No we’re not.  But you should have seen the look on Chloe’s face when I told her that we were thinking of canceling it.  Priceless.  A look of pure disbelief.  Wide eyes, open mouth – you get it.

The face lasted all of a few seconds, until she saw my smile and knew I was jerking her chain.  Once she  recovered from the shock she put two and two together, and realized that we wouldn’t cancel cable TV because without it I wouldn’t be able to watch all the trash I like so much.

The relief she felt upon reaching the conclusion that it wouldn’t be in her parents’ best interest to cancel cable was palpable.  Suddenly, life didn’t seem so bleak anymore.  When I told her that the idea wasn’t really as far-fetched as all that, considering how none of us missed it when we were in France, she paused for a moment and argued that that situation was different since we were on vacation during the summer when almost all shows are in repeat mode. True enough.

Chloe’s now convinced she has nothing to worry about.  We’ll see about that.  Chloe – if you misbehave, beware.  I may actually make good on my promise.

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