A Day of Support

Today was a very momentous day for Chloe.  Without going into too many details, we went shopping for some back-to-school clothes.  She tried out a new store, Delia’s, which she liked quite a bit, and we walked away with a bag full of jeans and t-shirts.  Chloe has grown a couple of inches in the last few months and will probably hit five feet by next year.

Given her recent growth spurt, we also decided that today would be a good day to acknowledge her rapidly changing body by purchasing a couple of items that would provide her a little extra support.  Compared to the experience I had when I was about her age, which was completely humiliating because shopping for this particular garment involved my entire family (including my father and brother), today was pretty low-key.  We shared a few laughs, but wisely left Papa and Sophie at home.

There was no need to make a big deal out of it.  We chose the style easily and quickly.  Life goes on, and this was just one small milestone in a long, long line of them.  I will say this, however.  Chloe was proud of her new look, as evidenced by the smiles as she tried the pieces on.  And that was enough for me.


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