Attack of the Packing Peanuts


I was on the phone.  Papa was on his computer.  Chloe was watching TV.  And where was Sophie?

Sophie went to town with hundreds of styrofoam packing peanuts.  Was it a desperate call for attention?   Only Sophie can answer that question.  All I know is that after all was said and done we had a floor and a dining room table covered in packing peanuts.  And Sophie was running around like a two-year old.

She then had the nerve to ask for help cleaning up her mess.  And because I was eager to have dinner, because the sight of the mess gave me heartburn and because I am a sucker, I helped her.  She used a broom and a dustpan; I used my bare hands and ordered her around.  In the end, it took about 20 minutes to undo the havoc Sophie wrought in about two minutes.   And let it be known that the entire time, Sophie had a s**t-eating grin on her face.  Need I say more?

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