Can We Have Dessert?

Seriously?  We are in America’s chocolate capital, and we’ve been eating dessert since this morning.  At a place where they serve chocolate butter, chocolate chip pancakes (duh), chocolate muffins and hot chocolate for breakfast.  Indeed, we are in a place where they hand out free chocolate at almost every corner.

And after a super day at Hershey Park (photos to be posted once we’re home tomorrow), where the girls continued their day of desserts with cotton candy and ice cream, we stopped at the largest Hershey store in the world, where the girls bought…guess…more chocolate, thanks to their ever-faithful accomplice.  Papa.

When we returned to the hotel, the kids’ check-in counter was open for business and the girls entered a count-the-chocolates-in-the-jar contest.  And availed themselves of yet more free candy.

While finishing our main courses at the Hershey Grill* (which were chocolate-free), Chloe asked, without any hint of sarcasm or irony whatsoever, if we could order dessert.  Boy, did we have a good laugh over that one.

*For all the talk of chocolate, I must say that the food at the hotel has been surprisingly sophisticated and well-prepared.  And the service has been fantastic.  Everyone who works here – at the hotel, the amusement park, Chocolate World – is incredibly pleasant.  It’s like being on another planet.

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