First Day of School


Yet another year has gone by.  Sophie and Chloe have survived their first day of first and fifth grades.  Sophie had a grand old time.  She’s excited because a friend from pre-K is in her class this year, in addition to a couple of friends from kindergarten.  Her teacher seems lovely.

Chloe seems reasonably content.  She likes her homeroom teacher.  She knows a few kids in her class and she’s relieved that none of them are huge troublemakers.  She also made a profound observation when I returned home from work.  “All of the 4th graders are puny!  They’re so small!”  The 3rd graders must seem absolutely lilliputian to her.

Sophie allowed me to take a couple of photos of her today.  Chloe steadfastly refused.  She didn’t want me to embarrass her at the bus stop.  So we agreed that I’d take the pictures this evening.  But I forgot, of course.  I think the no-photo mandate signifies the start of a new era.  That bums me out big time.

On the other hand, Sophie’s huge grins in these photos more than compensate for the fact that Chloe is an incredibly bad sport.  I have no doubt that when Chloe is an adult, she will rue the day that she forbade her dear mother to take her 1st day of 5th grade photo.  Yes, indeed.  She will rue the day.

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