Fun With My Girls

Sometimes it’s the simplest little thing that makes me want to just grab Chloe and Sophie and hug them.  Papa has been traveling this week, so he wasn’t able to pick up the girls from school.  His loss was my gain. I got to leave work early and spend some extra time with my little ones on a beautiful pre-fall afternoon.

We went to the toy store because I had promised Sophie I’d buy a new charm for her bracelet.  That task quickly completed, we made our way through the throngs of pre-teen loiterers hanging out on the sidewalk in the center of town and took a brief walk.  Chloe kept her distance, reluctant to be seen with an adult (yes, it’s starting already).  Sophie held my hand.  I love the fact that my girls are five years apart.

We returned home for a short hour and then left the house again, this time to walk to dinner at the new super yummy Indian restaurant down the street.  Chloe and Sophie gave the naan and the tandoori chicken an A.  We then enjoyed an animated walk back home.  Skipping, jumping and singing.

What a fantastic way to start the weekend.  I’d like to install a permanent recording of it in my brain so that I can replay it over and over again.

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