“I Just Don’t Get It”

“I just don’t get why the parents don’t tell their kids they’re bad!” exclaimed Chloe as we were watching the atrocious auditions for the “X Factor.”

That’s Chloe for you.  Ever the realist.  Either she’s going to be one tough mama when she grows up or she’s going to realize how hard it is to tell your kids they suck at something.  Granted, she’s learned from us.  The running joke in our family is that Chloe will not be receiving a college scholarship for sports.   She’s just doesn’t possess that particular gene and she knows this because we’ve told her as much and because, hell, look at her parents.

But she also knows that we love her in spite of her lack of sporty talent.  She also knows that we think she’s a great writer and that she’s super creative.  Because we tell her that as well.

Chloe raised a really good point with her comment.  There is something to be said for unconditional love.  I love my girls unconditionally and more than anything in the world.  But there also is something to be said for being honest with your kids and not subjecting them to humiliation by giving them false hope about their abilities.

OK – I’m getting off my soapbox now so I can listen to more atrocious singers.

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