Sophie is Bored

Sophie is bored.  We are not paying enough attention to her.  “I’m annoyed by blogs.  I’m annoyed by everything.”  Even cuddling wasn’t enough for her.  She wanted to play.  What did she want to play?  I have no idea.  Because she wouldn’t say.  Coloring challenges didn’t enthuse.  Stickers didn’t excite her.  “You’re all busy and I’m not and it’s not fair,” she complained.

And it’s true.  We were all busy.  Chloe was making duct-tape coupon holders.  Papa was on his computer.  I was answering one of those dastardly work emails.  Not good.  Not good at all.

It was finally 8 pm.  Time for Sophie to go to bed.  Time for Chloe and me to watch the season premiere of “Glee.”  Sophie snuck into the TV room to watch with us.  Papa came in to bring her upstairs.  She resisted and suddenly wanted nothing more than to grab me by the arm for dear life and cuddle.  Not so fast, little one.

Then Chloe chimed in, as she’s wont to do.  “That’s not right.  Sophie can’t watch ‘Glee.’  I wasn’t able to watch shows like that when I was her age!”  In so many words, we told her to shut up.  And don’t you dare berate me for using those words with my big girl.  She deserved it.

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