Movie Night…Not

It was a great idea.  Taking the girls to the movies for the second Friday in a row, to see “Puss in Boots.”  At a dine-in movie theater, no less.  A gimmick the girls were more than happy to experience.  We arrived in plenty of time, only to find out that there were only a handful of crappy seats left.  The theater had essentially sold out online by 4 pm for a 7 pm showing.

Our best laid plans were foiled.  Instead, we went to a diner.  Chloe moped the entire time, not because she was disappointed about missing “Puss in Boots” (definitely not a cool-enough movie for her), but for some unknown, mysterious reason, which seems to be an increasingly common occurrence as she hits puberty.  She’s fine now – back to her usual silly self chasing Sophie around the house instead of encouraging her little sister to go to bed.

I told Sophie I’d try to take her to see the movie tomorrow.  But I have a bad feeling about that plan.  Because it’s going to be snowing and it’s not even Halloween.  Which sucks so much, I can’t write about it without wanting to hop on a plane and move to the tropics.  So I’m going to switch gears here, and talk about Medusa.

Sophie just saw a commercial on TV with a “woman who had snakes coming out of her head and turned people into stone.”  She was scared (big eyes, trembling voice – you know the drill).  I tried to explain that the commercial depicted Medusa, a character in a myth who was never real and never will be real.  I explained that a hero named Perseus killed her by cutting off her head.  That happy ending didn’t really quell her fears, but the good thing about 6-year olds is their attention spans are still short enough that you can generally change the subject pretty quickly.

She’s now in bed next to me starting to enter a dream state.  And I hope that she dreams of her pillow pet, Squinty, instead of the “woman who had snakes coming out of her head and turned people into stone.”  ‘Cause if she dreams about the latter, we’re in for a very long night.

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