My iTouch and Me


Chloe has a best friend.  It’s not her sister.  Indeed, her best friend is not a fellow human.  It’s her iTouch.  Chloe pays tribute to Steve Jobs (RIP) everyday with her quasi-permanent electronic appendage.  She is addicted to it and it is addicted to her.

Sophie is sick of our reliance on computers.  When I got home from work on Friday she was a very unhappy six-year old because “everyone has a computer and I don’t have any.  And I’m BORED!  It’s not fair!  When can I get an iTouch?”

I hate to admit it, but her remark rang true.  Sophie frequently finds herself alone with two free hands while the three of us are busy typing away on our various gadgets.  Almost all of which are Steve Jobs’ creations.

It’s hard to even remember what life was like a mere 6-7 years ago, without all of these Apple products (except the iPod) in our house.  No iPhone, no iPad, no iTouch, no MacBook…we’re so connected today and the things we can do with these devices are so incredible, but the cool factor comes at a price.  We need to remember to return to the world of human interaction from time to time, lest we forget we have warm blood running through our veins.

Of course, I’m pontificating on the philosophical nature of technology as I type this blog entry using my MacBook, but hey, at least my girls will have all these musings in physical book volumes that they can thumb through when they’re older.  Unless they scan the pages into their cloud storage accounts at some future date.

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