No Katy Perry on This Blog

Chloe is unhappy with me because she wrote a parody of Katy Perry’s “Firework” that I told her I’d like to include as tonight’s blog entry.  However, she wanted to juxtapose her masterpiece with the lyrics to the actual song.  And I refused.  Mostly because that song sucks.

Chloe was not happy with this rule and my offer to allow her to link to the song was not a sufficient solution.  She huffed and puffed and almost blew our house down (luckily, its made of concrete and brick), and now she’s calm again.  But you won’t be reading her parody tonight.  We’re at an impasse.

Her song is pretty funny, too.  A little nonsensical, but funny.  She actually managed to work a platypus into her lyrics.

Oh well.  She completely overreacted, so this blog has no use for her tonight.  Too bad (mostly for you, faithful readers, who are now deprived of her poetic talents), so sad.

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