Snow, No Power and Family Time

During an unheard-of pre-Halloween snowstorm that was remarkable less for the snow than for the thunderous breaking of tree limbs that devastated our neighborhood (and thankfully not our house this time ’round), we lost power. We still have no power and we don’t know when we’ll get it back.


It’s cold in the house. About 55 degrees since this morning. But it’s not entirely bleak. Without our usual electronic distractions, we layered up, cuddled together and played cards by flashlight. It was fun.

We awakened this morning to a very cold toilet seat and bright sunshine. We dug out the cars, moved all the tree limbs to the curb and attempted to charge our various electronic devices at Panera, along with all of the other addicted bozos like us who were suffering through withdrawal.

The fix was only temporary, however, as these toys only last so long without electricity. After awhile, I was back to playing cards with Sophie. And I can’t say I minded it one bit.

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