When an Almost-Perfect Test Score Is Not Enough

Chloe is a perfectionist. She had a language arts test this week. She studied hard. She was determined to get a better grade than last time, because it was one of the few times she ever earned less then a 90%.

She was satisfied with her 96%, but not thrilled. She thought she could have done better and received 100%. Unfortunately, she would not have been able to receive more than 100%. There were no extra credit points for this test.

We started to talk about the SAT exam. Chloe was very distressed to learn that she might have a tutor in order to be able to compete with all of the other kids who have tutors. She thinks that idea is lame because she thinks that she should be able to do well on the test without any help.

I told her that if she wants to start studying for the SAT now, she might not need a tutor when she’s 17. There are apps for that. She was not happy with my response. I, for one, hope she does not need a tutor because I also think the idea is lame.

Time will tell. It’s too soon to worry about Chloe’s test scores for college. Next year, however…now that’s another story.

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