I Want to Be a Shoemaker

Sophie had a very serious discussion with her Grammy yesterday.  About her future and what she wants to be when she grows up.  She apparently wants to be four things.

(1) A dancer.  When my mom told Sophie she might want to take dance lessons, Sophie balked.  Sophie doesn’t need dance lessons, because Sophie thinks she’s naturally talented.

(2) A singer.  Let’s just say that if she ever tried out for “American Idol” she’d be one of the contestants gently booted off the stage.  Gently, because she’s a sweet kid and wouldn’t be an obnoxiously bad singer.    She’d just be bad.  Period.

(3) An artist. There’s hope here.  Sophie is actually a pretty talented 6-year old artist.  She loves to draw and she draws well.

(4) A shoemaker (she really means shoe designer).  Now that’s an idea.  Sophie the fashionista loves shoes.  She might actually grow up to be a great shoe designer.  Our neighbor is a shoe designer and she always compliments Sophie on her footwear.  Sophie has already applied early decision for an internship at our friend’s company (in about 10 years, of course).  Manolo Blahnik, watch your back.


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