My Funny Bunny and My Slippery Eel

Sophie is my funny bunny.  She still cuddles with me.  She still hugs me.  And gives me kisses.  She laughs at my silly jokes.

Chloe, on the other hand, is like a slippery eel.  She flees my grasp and turns her head away whenever I try to embrace her.   She’s also into the eye-rolling thing.  She doesn’t even realize when she’s doing it.   When I tell her the continued frequent eye-rolling will cause her eyes to get stuck under her eyelids, she rolls her eyes some more, just for emphasis.

Sophie knows how much I appreciate her warmth.  She sometimes uses it against Chloe, which bugs Chloe to no end.  Sophie knows her big sister’s number.  Chloe doesn’t like it when Sophie “tries to be cute.”

I know Chloe loves me, however.  Because even when she’s annoyed or angry about something, I can still make her laugh.  And she still likes to converse with me.  And ask questions.  And ask my opinion about things.  Chloe gives me hugs with words.  Who’d ever thought that a bunny and an eel would be so complementary?

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