Sophie’s a Writer, Too

Sophie wrote a short Halloween story in school.  Here it is (with Sophie’s creative 6-year old spelling as an added bonus).  She has some talent, I’d say.


Once a pon a tim there was a vanpiyr.  The vonpiyr cam at the midll of the Nit.  The vampier cam to sum budys Has.  It suct sum blud.


After she read her story to me and we did her spelling homework, she announced that “Chloe has a digraph in her name.”  She explained to me what a digraph is, because I had no idea.  Apparently, it’s two letters together, like ‘ck’ or ‘ch’ or ‘sh’, that make one sound.  I like it when my 6-year old teaches me a new word.  “I can’t believe you don’t know what that means!” she exclaimed.  She was very happy to be my teacher for a few minutes.

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