Trick or Treating, Take 2

After our town belatedly decided late on official-Halloween afternoon to strongly encourage parents to postpone trick or treating – because of the lost power and downed trees and wires – until today, Chloe convinced us that she and her friend should have a second chance at Halloween.


I was not looking forward to going out again. We have enough candy in the house. We did not need any more. But it’s difficult to say no to a 10-year-old dressed in her masquerade Venetian mask. So I relented.

It is a strange feeling to go trick-or-treating twice in one week. Especially when it’s November 4. There were stars in the sky, but it felt like November. It was cold. And not everyone was giving out candy for a second time.

There were some other children outside. But nowhere near the crowds we are used to. That’s what happens when the town gives wishy washy “recommendations.”

The good news is that the folks who were at home were very generous. Chloe and her friend collected a lot of candy. Apparently, it was a much better haul than Monday.

Yet again, we have way too much candy in the house. I had hoped that after Monday we would be home free, saddled with a manageable amount of candy. No such luck.

I hope we never have to celebrate Halloween twice again. It really is not a holiday that merits a do-over.

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