Bubby’s Cookies


I promised Sophie that we would make cookies for Santa. Today was the big day. And what better way to welcome Santa into our home than to bake our Jewish Bubby’s butter cookies.

I don’t think Bubby would be offended by our appropriating the recipe to feed a symbol of the commercialism of a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus. I rather believe she would have delighted in the joy on her great-great granddaughter Sophie’s face when she prepared Santa’s homemade cookies and milk tonight.

The cookies turned out quite well and immediately brought back memories of Bubby’s apartment in Brooklyn. Whenever we visited, she’d have a plate of her freshly baked treats waiting for us on the small table for two in her tiny kitchen. Each cookie had three chocolate chips placed with love on top. Boy, how we enjoyed those cookies. They were so very simple, but so very yummy.

Santa will love them, I have no doubt. After all, the recipe made its way across the ocean to the United States from Russia with love.

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