Chloe Doesn’t Shut Up

I’ve written about this before.  But it’s true and it’s not gotten any better.  Chloe yaks and yaks and yaks.  And laughs at her yakking.  I’ve never seen a kid who loves the sound of her own voice as much as she does.

One of my (far too many) guilty TV pleasures is to watch contestants get booted off “The X Factor.”  As I was watching tonight’s melodrama unfold, the contestants were crying, thanking Jesus (aside:  I am so sick of all the Jesus-thanking that takes place on these shows) and singing for their lives.  Chloe chose to start her speechifying at the precise moment the contestants started to sing.  And she just didn’t stop.  Despite my imploring her to “shut up.”  OK, my choice of words was a bad parenting moment.  But I couldn’t help myself – it was genuine and from the heart.

Chloe didn’t care.  She laughed.  Continued to ramble on and on and on about the show, about the singers, about the judges, about I don’t even know what else because my ears went on strike.

It’s finally quiet now.  Because she’s sleeping.  In her room.  I do wonder, however, if she’s having a conversation with herself in her head.  Can’t you picture it?  Words and words floating around in her brain, fighting with each other to be heard.  I wonder if the left side is telling the right side to shut up.  Or vice versa.

I love Chloe very, very much.  I love how precociously verbal she is.  But I sometimes wish that she had been born with an on/off switch.  Because quiet Chloe is nice, too.

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