Chloe Has a Job

Chloe has herself a new gig as a mother’s helper. Starting on Thursday, she will be assisting our neighbor with her three kids, helping the two girls with their homework and playing with their little toddler (who, according to Sophie and Chloe, is soooooo cute).

She will be earning some cash, gaining some more babysitting experience and best news of all, watching less TV. Good news for everyone because as Sophie would say, “she’s addicted.” And that’s our fault. We’re too lenient.

She DVRs “George Lopez” for crying out loud. Who watches “George Lopez?” Chloe watches “George Lopez.” How she even stumbled upon that old show is beyond me. She also occasionally watches such culturally essential shows as “Hoarders,” “Extreme Couponing” and “Cake Boss.”

In any case, you can now understand why I’m so happy my almost 11-year old has a part time job. It’ll keep her out of TV hell for 2 1/2 hours a week.

Thank you, neighbor, for coming to Chloe’s rescue.

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