Chloe is a Member of the Colbert Nation

Thanks to my husband who, as I’ve written about before, has no sense of appropriate TV for my girls, Chloe has been introduced to Stephen Colbert.  Among all of the other TV shows she DVRs, she is now recording episodes of “The Colbert Report.”

She thinks he’s funny.  I think that, despite what she claims, she doesn’t really understand everything he’s talking about and that she laughs because she wants us to think she’s a woman of the world and because it’s cool when a 10-year old laughs at jokes for the 25+ crowd.

Chloe also seems to be moderately interested in “60 Minutes.”  She joined me last evening to watch the piece on Meryl Streep.  She had no idea who Meryl Streep was (boy, does she look good for her age).  But no matter.  Chloe liked the fact that she was a famous actress.  Then again, she was probably simply feigning interest so she could watch a little more TV.

Regardless, she is starting to demonstrate a little more interest in the world around her, which is refreshing.  And whether it’s thanks to the real news or the fake Comedy Central kind, it’s all good.

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