Christmas and Chloe’s Popcorn Rules

Here we are.  At the end of a very busy, very happy Christmas day.

Santa left Sophie a note last night.  She was very excited to know that he liked her drawings, ate her cookies and drank her milk.


We played lots of new games this morning, including the very fun “Just Dance” on the Wii, which I think may become my new workout regime.  Sophie, of course, is a natural.  Chloe not so much.

We then went to the movies to see “Tintin.”  The motion capture animation was pretty impressive and the girls enjoyed it immensely.  But the funniest part of the outing was Chloe’s popcorn rules, which I’ve outlined below.  Note that we shared a large bag of popcorn among five of us and had three paper cups that we used to distribute the snack.

Chloe’s Movie Popcorn Rules
(1) No popcorn until the previews begin.  If you want to get a head start on the snack while the commercials are still running, you’re shit out of luck.

(2) The first distribution of popcorn takes place just as the previews are getting started.

(3) You are entitled to only one serving of “preview popcorn” during the coming attractions.  If you happen to finish your first cup before the previews are over, you’re shit out of luck.

(4) You can then receive a second helping as the feature begins.  But if you want another serving, you better act quickly.

(5) That’s because despot Chloe controls the bag.  As good as she is at holding everyone else to her set of rules, when the movie starts all bets are off.

I was lucky today.  I had three small cups of popcorn.  About 20 minutes into the movie it was all gone.

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