Hanukkah and Christmas 2011


Gift giving on steroids.  For the next week.  Good news is we’re done with Chloe for Hanukkah.  She just wanted cash.  All at once.  None of the one gift per night nonsense. Sophie is easy, too.  Although she still receives one surprise every night, they’re small surprises.  We also have plenty of presents for them for Christmas – many of which were sent by family members in France.  I truly think they made a mistake in ordering because we received so many.  The girls are going to be very happy, for sure.

Sophie has been extremely busy drawing pictures for Santa Claus, which will accompany the milk and cookies we lay out for him on Christmas Eve.  I’ll have to remember to leave her a thank you note “from Santa.”  The fact that she still believes in the fat guy in a red costume and white beard amuses me to no end.  Chloe sure as hell didn’t harbor any such illusions when she was 6 years old.  Frankly, it’s nice to have a child who believes in all sorts of magical creatures, including fairies.  I see no need to disabuse her of these notions right now, especially since hearing her talk about all of her imaginary friends makes me smile inside and temporarily forget the bad news of the day and the craziness at work.

That’s my Sophie.  Happy, innocent and care-free.

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