Happy Birthday to Me

I took the day off from work and I only sent two emails and made one phone call.  Not bad.  Still some room for improvement, but not bad.  My husband gave me a beautiful new handbag.  Sophie gave me a lovely handmade card and a huge hug and kiss. Chloe also gave me a handmade card that said, “I love you SOOOOOOO much!”  She also gave me a box of 1970s nostalgic candy.  While the latter is really fun, I have to admit that I love the card even more.   Because I’m going to keep it.  And shove it in her face in a couple of years, when Chloe is a teenager and tells me she hates me.

I spent the day at the mall, shopping for the holidays and everyone else but me.  OK – that’s not entirely true.  My mom gave me a gift certificate that I used to buy a blouse, bowls and a candle.  I also bought some face creme and soap.  I had a lot of bags at the end of the day.  Containing a lot of presents for the girls.  I think I am done holiday shopping.  Hallelujah.

It feels like a Friday.  Sadly, it isn’t.  Which means back to work tomorrow.  Birthdays should really last more than one day.


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