Sophie’s Presents for Santa

In my last blog post, I mentioned that Sophie had drawn some pictures for Santa Claus.  I realized afterwards that in order for my loyal readers to appreciate the depth of Sophie’s devotion to the white-bearded fat guy, I’d have to post a photo of her artwork.  These are not mere sketches.  These drawings took time and contemplation and love.

What you see below are drawings of an apple tree (Sophie’s favorite fruit these days) and an underwater utopia with goldfish, a seahorse and a dolphin.  If you click on the image to enlarge it, you’ll see that (1) each one says “To Santa.  From Sophie,” (2) she drew a heart around ‘Santa’ and (3) the fish are all smiling.  I love that the fish are smiling.  Because I interpret the smiling fish to mean that my dear little Sophie is indeed happy, innocent and carefree.

When I suggested that Sophie create a third picture for Santa to bring home to Mrs. Claus (which unbeknownst to Sophie essentially means a third picture for me), she balked.  Mrs. Claus apparently doesn’t rank nearly as high on the magical creature list as Santa.


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