Year-End Charitable Giving

We started a new tradition for the holidays this year.  Chloe has been saving part of her earnings (from duct tape products, allowance and mother’s helping) for charity and what better time than now to make a donation.

A few months ago I told Chloe that for any amount she donated, I’d match it.  She reminded me of my promise and I announced that it was up to Chloe to find a worthy charity.  Which she did, this morning after struggling to find a charity to love.  Drumroll please:  I then announced that not only would I match her donation, I’d match it twice over.  Boy was she excited about that.

This evening I went home and retrieved her charity money from a paper cup designated just for that purpose.  It contained $43!  Perhaps I should have confirmed how much she had saved before committing to increase her donation by 200%.  But it’s for a great cause and Save the Children is now $130 richer.

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