A Day with Sophie

Yesterday was a great day. Sophie and I hung out together for several very fun hours.

It started with a trial dance class for Sophie. Modern dance, specifically. Tennis was a no-go this semester so we needed to find some form of exercise for her. And anyone who reads this blog knows how much Sophie loves to dance. She was reluctant to dance in a classroom setting, but she did great and loved it.

On that high note, and with a new leotard in hand, we went out to lunch. And after lunch, with a new balloon in hand, we went to see “Beauty and the Beast” on the big screen. Sophie enjoyed it, but was quick to reiterate that: (1) she doesn’t like princesses anymore and (2) she prefers watching the movie at home.

From the movie, and with a set of 3D glasses in hand, we went to Target to buy her some new underwear. As we were slowly making our way to the checkout lines, I mentioned how dangerous Target was because it’s so easy to find things to buy. Sophie then exclaimed, “That’s because everyone loves Target!” The sales associate who overheard her agreed wholeheartedly with Sophie’s assessment. From Target, with new underwear, pajamas, skirt, purse and Hello Kitty notebook in hand, we finally made our way home.

Spending so much special fun time with my little Sophie was priceless.

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