Antique Stickers!

The stickers on this piece of paper are relics.  When Sophie and her friend showed them to me the other day, I was rocketed back in time – back to 1982 to be more or less precise.

Sophie came home from her annual trip to my aunt’s house in Ithaca last summer with a bag full of these stickers.  They used to be mine.  I think I probably handed them down to my younger cousin, Moriah, when I decided I was too grown up to play with stickers.  And luckily for Sophie, Moriah, in turn, apparently grew out of them, too.

And now, some 30 years later, they’ve come full circle and are now in my little one’s hands.  It’s funny how seeing them sparked such vivid memories – especially of sharing them with the little girl I babysat who lived next door.  I absolutely loved the rainbow heart stickers and the puffy stickers with the googly eyes.  And Hello Kitty was just as popular then as she is now.

Thanks, Moriah, for not being as sticker-addicted as I used to be.  And thanks Aunt Barbara and Uncle Brian for not throwing old stuff away!

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