Cozy Sophie


“I am sooo adorable!” Sophie chanted as she pranced around the house yesterday evening wearing Papa’s sweatshirt and a pink bear on her head.

“I am sooo cute!” she exclaimed, tilting her bear-covered head to one side and looking at us with her big saucer-like eyes, challenging us to disagree, which of course was simply not possible.

Sophie made my evening today when she asked if she could prepare her lunch for tomorrow.  Dumb question.  “Of course, baby bear.”  A few minutes later, as she was making said lunch, she remarked, “This is fun.”  And after she had finished, she asked, “Mommy, would it be ok if I made my lunch everyday?”  “Of course, baby bear, ” I sputtered.  I could barely contain my glee, yet I didn’t want to seem too eager because that would cause the alarms to go off in her astute little 6-year old brain.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am fully aware that this exchange of ours will likely be forgotten by tomorrow, but as with most things offspring-related, one can’t help but hope.

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