Enjoying the Sun


The Sunshine State is living up to its reputation. It was a glorious day today. But the best part was the room upgrade I received for no apparent reason. The bathroom is larger than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in.

As I meet and talk to all these legal marketing folks, I think of cults. We’re all speaking the same language, all facing similar challenges. When I first started attending these conferences a couple of years ago, I found the sameness somewhat reassuring. I now find it somewhat depressing. There’s very little innovation year over year. But the people are nice and harken from all over the continent.

On a totally different note, Sophie wore cute zebra barrettes that her great-aunt brought her from China (photo to follow) to school today. It took a lot of guts to wear them, since they protrude out if her hair like Shrek’s ears.

But wear them Sophie did. And she was very proud to report that her friend told her, “they’re cute!” Sophie, my little fashionista forever and always.


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