Happy 11th Birthday, Chloe

It’s hard to believe.  She’s 11 years old.  Can’t I just press ‘pause’ on time? We gave her a small handbag for her birthday and I’m happy to report that she loves it.  I was concerned that she wouldn’t like what we chose, but she does.  It looks very cute on her.  It also makes her look even older.  Ugh.

We gave her a book about managing money, written for kids, and another book about the business of babysitting.  She is a young entrepreneur, you know, so we need to provide her the tools to succeed.  She likes the babysitter book, but thinks the money book is a little dull.  I can understand that.

I hope she has another great year.  And I hope to make the most of my time with her before the ‘teen’ suffix comes into play.  Which means making some changes in my life.  Sooner rather than later.  I love you, my dear Chloe.  Happy 11th birthday.

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