Hiking in January

Disregarding for a moment Sophie’s bold choice of clothing today, let me just say how much I am loving this warm winter weather.  Yet another springlike Saturday in January.  I’m starting to wonder if Lars von Trier knows something the rest of us don’t – perhaps there really is a planet heading toward an apocalyptic collision with Earth, as depicted in his most recent film, “Melancholia.”  Because other than global warming, nothing else really explains the strange weather we’ve experienced over the last six months or so.

In any case, we went on a lovely hike today with our friends. The girls used tree trunks and water pipes as balance beams, chased after dogs and threw sticks in the stagnant puddles of water.  Sophie was visible from miles away in her clothes.  As my friend aptly put it, Sophie’s sense of style is reminiscent of Betsey Johnson. As you can see from the photo, she managed to throw together horizontal stripes, Jackson Pollock-like splashes of color and magenta checks into a dazzling show of six-year old fashion sensibility.  And by Jove, it almost works.

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