Home in Time for Snow

After a couple of absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous days in south Florida – 80 degrees, cloudless skies and no humidity whatsoever, I arrived home to 30 degree weather and an impending snowfall tonight.  The first one of the season, not counting the wacky snow back in October.

They say up to six inches will grace our fair territory in the coming hours.  Only to be followed on Monday by springtime-like weather all over again.  The weather has been incredibly odd this year, but I’m not complaining about the winter we’ve had so far.  If we manage to make it to the end of March with a modest snowfall or two, I will be a very happy person.

I arrived home to an empty house, as my husband took the girls out for dinner and then to my mom’s to drop Chloe off for a sleepover.  Her grammy is taking her to see the Broadway version of “War Horse” tomorrow for her upcoming birthday.  Which Chloe was super excited about until yesterday.  When I realized the show was on the same day as her friend’s birthday party, and there was no way to make it to both.  She had, of course, already told her friend she’d be there and was justifiably upset at my lapse.

I hope she has since forgiven me.  Because I know she’s going to absolutely love the play.  But it’s probably not a bad idea that she doesn’t see me tonight, in case she hasn’t forgiven me.  By tomorrow evening, I’m hopeful that my forgetfulness will be forgotten…I love you, Chloe and I’m sorry!

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