The Color Pink

I was stunned. When I came downstairs this morning, Chloe’s school project was on the dining room table. A poster about Albert Einstein, she had used calligraphy for his name and colored the letters…

…PINK. Ok, pink with an orange outline. Color me gobsmacked.

So I asked my tomboy daughter if she felt alright. Actually, I exclaimed, “You used pink!!!” It took Chloe a minute to register what I was talking about.

She looked down at her project and responded, “Oh, yeah. I don’t think pink is so offensive anymore.” All you can do is wonder. She’s more interested in clothes than in the past, she seems slightly more open to accepting the fact that boys do indeed exist and now she’s giving my blog,, a bad name.

What kind of pre-pubescent monster has possessed Chloe’s body? I’ve grown accustomed to Sophie’s “girliness,” but Chloe has been a bit surprising lately.

Can I legitimately rationalize this bizarre behavior by attributing it to hormones? Or is something more nefarious at play here?

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