Another Valentine’s Day

Chocolates and cards.  That’s what we gave each other this morning.  Sophie made us all an adorable card in school today, featuring a drawing of her and Chloe exchanging Valentine’s Day missives.  It goes without saying that Sophie definitely wins the prize for the most effort put into this year’s Hallmark holiday.

Sophie also exchanged cards with her classmates today.  One boy wrote, “I love you, Sophie.”  A girl wrote, “You speak well, Sophie.”  Very amusing.  Sophie was very proud of those two cards.  Surprisingly enough, she didn’t come home with too much candy.

Chloe came home with nothing.  Apparently, her teacher doesn’t believe that 5th graders need to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I like Chloe’s teacher more and more with each passing day.  Sadly, Chloe doesn’t seem to have any secret admirers, either.  I don’t remember when that kind of nonsense started during my youth, but I think it was around 5th or 6th grade.

We are now mid-February.  It’s still warm outside.  The daffodil stems are prematurely surging out of the ground.  About one month left until spring.  It looks like this mild weather is going to hold up for the foreseeable future.  It’s starting to feel a wee bit topsy-turvy.


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