Banished, Part I

The fun has hardly begun, and with only half of the expected crowd in the house, I have already been banished from the kitchen and living room, where Chloe and two of her friends are hanging out.  I am currently in the sunroom, which I will likely also be forced to leave once the other guests arrive.


I imagine that once dinner is upon us, Papa and I will be relegated to the servants’ quarters, not unlike “Downton Abbey.”  Except we don’t have servants’ quarters.  We do have a basement, though.

The current plan is that my husband and I will sleep in exile in the attic, which will leave a floor between us and the noise in the living room downstairs.  Chloe told me that they usually don’t fall asleep at these parties until around 3 am, so if we adults have any hope of sleeping, the attic is the answer.

The clock now reads 5:25 pm.  The party has yet to officially start.  It is going to be a very long night.

Update:  The available square footage available to us parents  has now greatly diminished.  At 6:05 pm, I was told that I needed to vacate the sunroom and go upstairs to my room.
Only 16 hours to go.

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