Chloe is a Good Babysitter

Chloe was tasked with helping Sophie tonight because my husband and I got home late.  Helping Sophie translated into making sure Sophie finished her homework and reading to her at bedtime.  Chloe accomplished both tasks.  And according to Sophie, they didn’t even fight.

That’s nothing less than incredible.  No fighting.  I don’t recall a day or an evening where the two didn’t at least have a brief yelling match. The girls read “The Lorax,” one of Sophie’s all-time favorite books.  When I arrived home, I caught Chloe tucking her little sister into bed and giving her a hug.

For a second or two, I thought I had stepped into the wrong house.  Or into an alternate universe.  It was lovely.  Until Chloe broke a toy (entirely her fault, by the way) she bought on a class trip to the Liberty Science Center today.  And now she’s making horrible, animalistic growling sounds.  I guess I stepped into the right house after all.

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