I Cannot Wait Until My Kids Have Kids of Their Own

Why? you justifiably ask. Here are my top ten reasons (in no particular order):

1) The whining can’t be appreciated until you have the opportunity to be tortured by your own lifeblood’s curdling voice.

2) It’s so amazing when your spawn proclaims, “You have a big belly!”

3) Nothing beats letting your kid spin her wheels because “she knows everything” and doesn’t need your help.

4) Nothing beats watching your kid swallow her pride when she realizes that mom and papa know more than she does.

5) They will finally have an appreciation for what it feels like to repeat yourself so many times that you forget the entire English language, other than the words you’ve been repeating over and over again.

6) They will understand how frustrating it is to live with kids who would rather stink than bathe.

7) The idea of throwing out (or donating) all shit – including drawings, games, dolls, you name it – they leave lying around on the floor or on tables will no longer seem so monstrous.

8) Patience is a virtue. A cliche that they will come to embrace when they try to get their little brainiacs to do homework without getting distracted by other people talking, the phone ringing, a story they’ve had the opportunity to recount all afternoon but conveniently remember during homework time…you get it.

9) Patience is a virtue again. It really is. Especially when it comes time to get your little one ready for bed and she is suddenly excited to do her homework. Even if she doesn’t have any.

10) How priceless will it be to see my kids live through the same tribulations with their kids that they once made us endure.

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