The Cell Phone Obsession

This was the mostly one-sided conversation that Chloe had with me yesterday morning about her future cell phone.

Chloe:  “So Mom.  When’s the last day of school and when does camp start?”
Me:  “School ends on a Thursday and camp starts the following Sunday.”
Chloe:  “OK.  Wow!  So here’s the thing.  5th graders don’t have to go to school on the last day of school.  And graduation takes place the day before school ends.  And since I’m getting my cell phone as a graduation present, I’ll be able to use my new phone on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until I get to camp!  Unless, you know, you want to buy it for me sooner!”

Of course, this one-sided conversation took place at the speed of sound, because that’s how quickly Chloe talks when she’s excited about something.

Graduation in June is a very long time away.  To think that this is all we’re going to hear about for the next four+ months makes me a little nauseous.  And exhausted.  Very exhausted.

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