Mommy, Will You Quit Your Job?

That’s what little Sophie asked me yesterday afternoon.  When I was in my bedroom, doing some reading for work.  She bounded up the stairs to find me, sat down on my bed and asked, point blank, “Mommy, will you quit your job?”

I asked her why she wanted me to quit my job.  And she replied, “Because I want you to spend more time with me!”  To which I responded, “If I quit my job, you’ll see me a lot.  And you’ll probably get sick of seeing me so much.”

“I’ll never get sick of you, Mommy,” said my dear little Sophie.

Of course, about 30 minutes later, she was yelling at me for some perceived insult or slight.  But in those seconds immediately after our brief conversation, it was all I could do not to cry.  Out of love for my kids, out of self-pity or out of complete and utter confusion about what to do now that Esperanza has announced her retirement.

Sophie’s question was so seemingly simple, and yet so inexplicably complicated.  Life sure is funny that way.

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